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Commercial Security Solutions

Protect your ROI with MCM Protection security products and services.  

As a business owner or manager you must deal with threats on many levels. You know that the need to protect your facilities, employees, inventory and assets is more critical than ever. Business losses due to burglary, robbery, shoplifting and theft cost millions of dollars.

Starting with sound business security practices and policies, there are practical steps you can take to secure your organization.  

One sure way to reduce property loss (during non-business hours) is to install a commercial alarm system. By covering doors and windows with sensors and posting clearly visible security "warning decals" you can greatly reduce the chances of burglary and vandalism.  

Another good way to reduce property loss (during business and non-business hours) is to install commercial video surveillance or a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system.

CCTV allows you to monitor and record events in multiple areas of your business, thereby deterring burglary, robbery, assault, vandalism and theft. CCTV can also decrease liability and reduce insurance costs. CCTV is fast becoming one of the most important tools in the fight against crime.  

A commercial access control system combined with a monitored alarm system and/or a video surveillance system provides maximum-security protection. Today's remote video monitoring technology will now allow you to stream video to your desktop at home or at the office. You can use an existing surveillance system or install a new one.  

Commercial Alarm Systems

Businesses without alarm systems are much more likely to be burglarised than those that have an alarm system. We design and implement integrated security alarm systems for small and large businesses, institutional and government organizations.

Security alarm systems reduce crime in commercial settings. Of all uncompleted burglaries, three quarters can be credited to an audible alarm. Commercial alarm systems include monitored business alarms, building alarms as well as site-wide alarm systems integrated with video surveillance and access control.  

Perimeter protection (door and window sensors, glass break detectors) is your first line of defence. Interior protection (motion detectors) provides your second line of defence. Fire, smoke and freeze protection comprise a complete commercial security alarm system.

Electronic access technology is the best system for controlling access to sites, facilities, buildings and rooms. Plastic access cards are inexpensive and newly designed software can be programmed to restrict access to certain areas while recording the time, date, and location of authorised and unauthorised access attempts.

For extra security, access control can be used in conjunction with video surveillance to control and monitor large facilities. Access cards can also be integrated as photo-ID cards for employees in a large organization.

Programmable cards are great for monitoring employee time and attendance, security patrols of the property, and can limit access to sensitive areas.

Electronic access control systems enhance safety and protect valuable assets. Track time and attendance of employees or control access to sensitive information and equipment. We offer a variety of access control services to commercial, government and institutional clients.

When combined with central monitoring, versatile design and online report capabilities, the system you select becomes a valuable management tool. Control, monitor, report and manage. Access control solutions range from simple authorised access systems to advanced closed circuit monitoring and exception reports delivered through secure Internet connections.

We offer a wide range of access control services and capabilities to all commercial, government and institutional customers, including: 

  • Keyless entry - no need to change the locks, entry/exit identification
  • Individual identification - protects security of all personnel
  • Local traffic – flow control who comes and who goes
  • Event history - know where your employees were and when
  • Time zones – automated door-locking schedule
  • Access levels - authorisation controls who gets by
  • Time and attendance - consolidate payroll information
  • Enhance alarm system - keeps sensitive areas sensitive
  • Parking control - gate access to parking lots
  • Elevator control -  floor-by-floor access control
  • PC-based controls - easy to set up, easy to use

MCM Protection offers access control systems designed to help you prevent theft, monitor critical systems and protect your people, products and facilities.

Please contact MCM Protection if you would like more information about our commercial security solutions.

Domestic security systems

Today, home security is more important than ever. Protect your family and your home with our unique line of residential and home security systems.

MCM Protection help you understand the products and services that will meet your needs, and then recommend a level of protection to accommodate both your concerns and your budget. We don’t try to sell you a pre-designed package. Instead, we design and install a system that addresses your concerns as a homeowner and that meets your budget.

Before your system is designed, we help you take the following steps:

  • Determine your security goals and budget
  • Perform a complete external review of your property
  • Determine where your home may be vulnerable
  • Identify key areas where valuables are located or extra security is needed

Once we have this information, we will create an easy-to-use, affordable, versatile and reliable system, backed by state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities.

Please contact MCM Protection if you would like more information about our domestic security solutions.